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The Jaguar C-X17 Crossover

With my first look at the new C-X17 Crossover from Jaguar I find my brain trying to fill in the missing parts, just as one might experience when gazing at optical illusions. Overall I’m thinking BMW 1 series which then morphs to a Nissan Juke in the........
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New & Used Vauxhall Ampera

The new Vauxhall Ampera is here. It's not a Hybrid, it is an Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV). The technology involved is called VOLTEC at Vauxhall. The electric motor drives the car at all times. When the battery runs.......
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New & Used Toyota Avensis

There is now doubt that Toyota have succeeded in producing an excellent car based on their well-known engineering capability and attention to detail. You will be excited to look at the new.......
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New & Used Seat Ibiza SC

Good styling all round and a particularly comfortable ride, that’s the new Ibiza SC, a fine model created by Seat. There is a good range of engines available to choose from. SC means “Sport Coupé”; looking at the.......
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New & Used BMW 1 Series Coupe

The new BMW 1 Series Coupe boasts some unique driving characteristics including the ideal near 50:50 weight distribution between the two axles meaning that the car’s power is applied in ways that make for great handling. What makes this car really special though, is that.......
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