The Jaguar C-X17 Crossover

With my first look at the new C-X17 Crossover from Jaguar I find my brain trying to fill in the missing parts, just as one might experience when gazing at optical illusions. Overall I’m thinking BMW 1 series which then morphs to a Nissan Juke in the mid-section before finally looking at the rear and saying errm… do you know what that looks like a beefed up Audi A3.


Jaguar CX-17 Crossover Front View


There seems to be a regional difference in the perception of Jaguar ownership and the actual positioning of the Jaguar brand. Wholly, I suspect it seems to be at the premium end of the market and as such could have a strategy of extending their market into BMW, Audi and Land Rovers territory– could this be a future Chinese must have?


Jaguar CX-17 Crossover Rear View

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