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BBC America Top Gear Photo Caption Competition

BBC America is running a competition on the Top Gear (USA) website for the best caption to this and other pictures. Apparently, this one was photographed over Norwich Airport – by the way it’s got to be captioned in a maximum of 11 words. Personally, I only need 3 letters i.e. WTF! > Official Top Gear Entries Here Competition Rules...
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Girl falls of back of Motorbike!

Whenever I ride my bike with my wife riding pillion I always say its safer to hold on the grab bar at the back! rather than have her arms around my waist - she doesn't believe me - enter this girl falling off the back of the motorbike .......
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The Golden Mercedes

We know that in the past mega-rich customers in Dubai bought very expensive luxury cars and made them even more expensive by having them gilded. They are not alone any more! Introducing the golden Mercedes.......
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