A few words about us

Introducing the Carbag team, we are five, our test drive and F1 guru Caroline Nicholls and Catherine (the Frin) respectively. Motoring journalists, Ant Standring and Hans Rieder and car enthusiast (aka petrol head) Steve Spelman. We love everything to do with cars. Motorsport to the latest green econo-drive.

What we like

At Carbag you can find motoring news with expert opinion, if you’re a an avid car fan you’ll love our auto digest. A mixture of interesting, amusing and the down right bizaar. And if you’re like our Frin, she’s never one to be far away from all things F1.

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OK we love all things cars but we do have to pay the bills – shame!

That said we have really have got some good stuff to offer you. You can buy new tryes at discounted prices, just try it out. You can also drive a F1 car if you have the money. And we have partnered with a great new service that actually compares the price you’ll be paid from different car buying companies that have emerged of late – genious!

A Few Of Our Favourite Videos

Veyron Vs McLaren F1

The BBC TopGearĀ® team have been at it again, bringing to us what some of us merely dream of doing. This time its a race over a mile between these two supercars in the red hot capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi.

Car Crashes Russian Style!

Some quite frankly preposterous car crashes from across Russia, most seem to be in icy/snowy conditions. We can’t quite work out how some of them started as they’re slightly out of shot. Moral, go carefully guys.

F1 Mishaps

F1 is by its nature a dangerous sport. However, looking at these high speed crashes its a credit to engineering that the drivers only came out bruised egos. Things truly have come a long way since the late great Ayrton Senna.

Bugatti Vs BMW M3

Funny how the Bugatti veyron has become a kind of benchmark for all things supercar, and yes this obesession still draws us in. Here in Holland is a burn up between the Veyron and the far more afforable BMW M3.