Monthly Archives: May 2013

Girl falls of back of Motorbike!

Whenever I ride my bike with my wife riding pillion I always say its safer to hold on the grab bar at the back! rather than have her arms around my waist - she doesn't believe me - enter this girl falling off the back of the motorbike .......
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New & Used Maybach 62S

The new Maybach 62S is the ultimate in comfort and luxury (and price as well), just like its stable mates. It is part of the Maybach range revived by Daimler AG in 1997. The present Maybach models have .......
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New & Used Fiat Panda

The new Fiat Panda is a city car that’s unexpectedly spacious on the inside and yet charmingly compact on the outside. Fuel-efficient engines mean it’s easy on your wallet and the environment. In addition it’s been given a.......
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